Dear Monica:     I am ready to put my home on the market but am wondering if I should wait a month or two when I know the garden will be in full bloom and look its best.  What would you advise?  Diane G.


Dear Diane:  There are a couple of important things to consider when making this decision.  The first and most important, is the state of the market.  If it is very strong now, but you are not certain it will be as strong in two months, I would not wait to sell my home.  I would put it on the market now and add flowers to planting beds and pots to enhance the beauty of the property.


But if the market is stable and you think it may be even stronger as the spring selling season continues, then I would wait until your landscaping is in full bloom.  A beautiful garden not only adds visual value but it extends the usable space of your home.  In California we can use our outdoor space at least six months of the year and with heat lamps and other devices, can extend the usability even longer.  Buyers will be captivated by a garden that offers beauty, as well as places for entertaining and quiet enjoyment.