Dear Monica: My agent was showing me property recently and I saw that some of the houses had cameras installed and knew that owners were probably watching us view their house.  It made me uncomfortable and mindful of not making any negative comments about the property while in the house.  Are cameras now a fact of modern life?  Bonnie C.


Dear Bonnie:  Cameras are indeed a fact of modern life and you should expect to see them in many properties on and off the market.  Generally property owners with hidden cameras inside their homes do not have to give any notice that a visitor is being recorded on video.  The cameras should not be in bathrooms and bedrooms where there is an expectation of privacy.  Audio recordings, however, whether taken by video cameras or audio recorders, do require the consent of all parties in California, unless the event is public.


If you are installing a video camera in your own home, you should research the laws in your state to be sure you comply.  And if you are touring homes for sale, be aware that you may be on camera.